Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring With Some Favorites

We took a walk in a wilderness area in my neighborhood today with our friends.  This friend of mine has three daughters.  That are super troopers.  Instead of meeting at the beautiful Little Mulberry Park with it's well defined and cleared trails through the woods, we went through tall grass, thorny briers, and rocky hills to get to a fairly small creek.  The girls were tough though, really tough.  I was proud of them and their mom for their perseverance!

Our objective was to look for signs of Spring.  We found frog eggs, tadpoles, a caterpillar, dandelions in bloom, purple violets, a snake out of hibernation sunning itself (Micah saw it and told us we should probably go home---we didn't) and of course, warm weather!  We planned to go home and let everyone pick out some seeds and plant them as well as watercolor some prizes found outside----but after such a walk as we had, all were pooped out.  That will be next time!

I loved observing this big brother watching over this little brother---lots.

This is a good friend :)  She'll carry hers and mine too.  (I had Jacob on my chest...I promise I wasn't being lazy!  Although she definitely had the greater load!)

(This is right after I turned to Beth and said, "Where is Samuel???" 
 and he said, "Me right here!!!" in his cute little voice)

To home, to home we go!  Tadpoles and all.

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