Monday, August 06, 2012

Long awaited visit

My older sister Ginny lives in Virginia and I don't get to see her very often.  It had been about a year and a half since our last short visit when a severe thunderstorm and power outage sent them to stay with my parents in Duluth in early July.  Ginny and I have many things in common, one of the obvious things being our large number of children!  I do so appreciate having a sister as a friend whom I can call up and talk to about the challenges of raising and homeschooling multiple children and know that she totally understands.  I love my sister and her family so much and I hate not seeing them often!  So when she told me they were coming to Georgia I was elated!  It honestly seemed too good to be true :)  Well, it was true and they arrived on Sunday and we spent a lot of time with them during the week they were here-which happened to be the week right before we left for our trip to Indiana.  It was busy and crazy and good.  :)  I'm still not done posting all of our trip adventures and there is so much more to share since getting home from our trip-I need to catch up!  But for now, I'll back up and share some pictures from our visit with my sister and her family.

Sam meets his cousin Silas.  They are about 6 weeks apart in age.  This was our first time meeting each other's latest babies.  They were quite adorable together!

Benjamin gets a hug from his cousin Beatrix.  Not sure what he thinks about this :)

Not the greatest of pictures but unfortunately I don't have many of Samuel with his cousin Gabriel.  Gab was a great help with Samuel, following him around and keeping him safe from the large flight of wood stairs in my mom's house!

Keats who is Micah's closest cousin (they are just a couple weeks apart) starting taking violin lessons this past year.  Micah is starting violin lessons in a few weeks himself, but he was still deciding when Keats came.  It was great for him to see Keats play and helped him to make the final decision to go ahead with lessons.  He has been wanting to take lessons for a few years now-we are thrilled to have the opportunity for him to take lessons from our neighbor and violin expert and teacher, Jennifer Johnson.  I'll not forget Jen having us over some time ago and playing her violin for us and it being so breathtakingly beautiful.  I'm very excited for Micah to learn to play and Andrew is starting piano lessons, so our home will become filled with music!  I can't wait!

Silly Keats!

These two, Beatrix and Benjamin are close in age, I think about 6 months apart.  They are a lot alike too :)  Let's just say they each have a mind of their own.

Trying to get them together for pictures proved quite difficult.  They do have their own ideas and wishes.

And here are some cheesy pictures of me and Ginny and our sister Angie.  It was so fun to have the three of us together!  Don't sisters and giggles just go together?  

Not sure why I'm hiding my face here.  This may have been right after Ginny slapped me on the leg.  Somehow we reverted back to childhood.  :)  It was quite funny.

And this picture is sort of out of place, but I thought it was cute and that I'd include it.  Samuel and Silas getting into trouble together :)

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