Wednesday, August 01, 2012

We were honored

Yesterday we went with our home school group to see a puppet show at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts.  I had a babysitter until 3:30 and we were done with our picnic after the puppet show by 2:00.  I decided to take the boys to visit the Georgia State Capitol Building for an hour or so.  I had no idea what we would get to do!  I love how God orders our steps and blesses us with surprises along the way.  He is just so good.  :)

This room, called the Rotunda is truly beautiful!  

The first thing we did after walking through the Rotunda was visit the information desk and a very nice lady told us what we could see while we were there.  She also pointed out the office of the Secretary of State and the Governors office.  I didn't know this was where such important officials work!  She said that the governor was out for the day and that we could actually go in, sign the visitors log, and see his office!

A soft spoken woman, whom I presume was a secretary, took me and the boys in.  We felt so honored to be in Governor Deal's office!  The boys were real funny and from the minute we actually went in to the Capitol building Micah was telling Andrew, "SHHHH!!!!  We're in a very important building!"  They were very respectful.  

The secretary told us about Governor Deal, what his role was as the governor and she showed us some of his special things around the room and let the boys ask about whatever they wanted.  

When we first walked in she pointed out Governor Deal's desk and said, "This is the desk where Governor Deal signs bills into law."  I think all of our eyes were large and round as we looked around a very special room.  

I asked her if Governor Deal was a Christian and she said emphatically, "Yes, he is a very strong conservative Christian."  I asked the boys if they would like to pray for Governor Deal while we were in his office.  Micah was a little shy I think to pray in front of the secretary so I prayed aloud.  Towards the end of my prayer Micah interrupted me, "Mom, ask for wisdom!"  I told Micah he could pray for that and to go ahead.  So he prayed a very short and sweet prayer, asking God to give Governor Deal wisdom.  I think the secretary and I were a little glossy eyed after that was finished!  What an honor and a privilege that we won't soon forget.  When we were done praying, the secretary walked us over to a special bowl of pens, in velvet "sheaths" as Micah calls them, that are engraved with the governor's name and gave one to each of the boys.  She told them, "These are the pens that the governor uses to sign important bills into law with."  The boys will cherish these!

As we walked out of the office I noticed a beautiful picture of the governor and his wife.  I'm so thankful that God has given Georgia a man after his own heart to lead our state.  

After we left the governor's office, we explored the rest of the building.  It is such a beautiful place!

The boys with a replica of "Miss Freedom", the statue that stands atop the gold dome.

The Rotunda room has several statues and very large paintings of great men of America's past.  They are very majestic!

Wow, we almost didn't go, after getting lost for a few minutes in downtown Atlanta, but I'm so glad we persevered.  I pray that my boys will be impacted by their time here and influenced to one day follow after the footsteps of great men like Governor Deal who has worked very hard to be in the position of leadership he is in today.  Maybe one day the boys will even be able to meet him!  I feel one of my job's as these boys mother is to lead them to opportunities to be inspired to be all that God has made them to be.  

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