Saturday, July 21, 2012

With the Mouros

As some of you remember and as many of you prayed, I posted on facebook many updates and prayer requests for a special little boy, Truman Mouro a few months ago.  God laid the needs of this child and this family on my heart as well as many of your hearts.  He works through prayer.  Amazing.

Am I a huge prayer warrior?  Maybe...?  Surely not as much as I should be though, as I want to be.  But there are times, like these, where God circumvents your own lazy and self-centered ways, and gives you a love and a passion and fervency for a little child and a family, and you somehow know it could be you, and your heart seems to beat with theirs as they wait upon the Lord.  This is what happened to me with Truman and I know I was caught up in something so much greater than myself.

If you've not read about what God did in Truman's life, I would highly recommend it.  Your faith will be encouraged, your heart touched.  Here is a link to Laura talking about lots of ways in which she could see the hand of God in Truman's accident.  From this link you can follow along and read more.

Lord willing, we made arrangements with the Mouro's to come and visit and meet baby Truman in July.  We were going to be fairly close, in Indiana and their home was 3 hours away in Michigan.  We took a day out of our time at the lake house and drove up to visit.  It was so wonderful to meet their whole family and baby Truman! Thank you Laura for your hospitality to us! We hope to someday return the favor if you come down South :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! :) We had a great time with your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures and a wonderful friendship! I too prayed for Truman, and so glad to see he is enjoying his friends!!! ♥♥♥