Thursday, July 19, 2012

Deserted island

Okay, so not exactly deserted-yet uninhabited.  This is the island that we have looked at for 11 years from the deck at the lake house-and not explored.  Me, my niece Shelby, Micah and Andrew all decided to make the journey via the paddle boat.  With big eyes, we were told by my sister-in-law, Kathy-Shelby's mom, with caution that years and years ago she and some others attempted to paddle/swim to the island and never made it and NEVER tried again.  

Yet, we were hopeful we could make it :)

And here we are-after all of fifteen minutes of paddling!  And it was fun!

Another larger boat was docked on the island and their dog was hilarious-it didn't want to play with the boys  persay-just chase them barking and then run away.

On the magical island I found myself speaking in poems, something like...  "Once only in our sight, now we behold the island beneath our feet..."  and we found giant black ants creeping along the trees and around our feet, poison ivy in abundance, and boys very eager to swim.  We tramped across the length of the island on paths, staying away from all things green, and then walked back around the boat through the water.  But before we made it back to the boat a hot-shot blared past us in a wave runner.  It was, of course, Steve-my husband.  He was just having fun and he came to rescue us from paddling back.  We hooked the rope from the paddle boat up to the wave runner, and though the rope wasn't long enough for Steve to actually use the gas paddle, he managed some how to maneuver us about half way back to the cabin.  Then we gave up and paddled the rest of the way.  It was an adventure of the best sort-an adventure with my family.  I love them all so much!  And we miss those who live so far away!  I have the best sister-in-law's and brother-in-laws and nieces and nephews.  I wish we lived closer to them-but I'm so thankful they all go to the effort to gather together each year.

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your post from the Mouro family... These pics look so much like the lake I visited as a child. It was Lake James in Angola, Indiana and it too had a magical Island! I have such fond memories and my heart just warmed looking at these pics, as I have not visited since moving to North Carolina 8 years ago. Thanks for the memories. Liz G. (Dr. Mouro's favorite Buckeye fan)