Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Profound and Perspective

Profound:  I learned today, I can't do what I can't do.  Meaning I can't do so much schooling with the older boys while the babies are awake.  I can't because I can't.  It doesn't work.  Not for anyone in this household.


Perspective:  My priority is getting "school" done rather than caring for and raising ALL my children-yes, the preschoolers too.  Oh dear, Abby, of course the preschoolers too!

I'm afraid I've fallen into the trap that has ensnared other homeschooling moms of many.  And that is-accomplish school at all costs-get that done first.  Yet, I must admit I have heard other moms of many say, they learned this lesson and they learned to put their little guys first in the day!  I'm just so HARD headed evidently!

In my schedule for 2 hours of the morning I had the older boys, Micah and Andrew, alternating spending time with the babies while I alternated doing their individual school time with them.  And now, when this occurs, I'm all the way upstairs in the new school room.  This just does not work!  Oh my, and I've moved everything around!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still think though that having a school room where the boys can go and do their independent work in quiet is still a good plan.  

I also think the every 1/2 hour schedule may need to be morphed into I want to accomplish such and such, if possible, in the morning and I want to accomplish such and such, if possible, in the afternoon.  And then I have to, with my guide, my goals, GO WITH THE FLOW.  Funny, that is the name of the cabin we just stayed at.  The reality is, there are some moments that are just pristine-such as all of a sudden the little ones are just playing beautifully with one of the older boys-so I should take that time and work with the other older boy.  Rather than forcing things into my scheduled boxes.  Then there are other times that my three year old, Benjamin, is having a fit, and he needs discipline and then he needs some heart to heart time with his mom.  That doesn't fit in a box.  I've got to be always able and available to flex with God's agenda.

I am now going to look through some of my books that have activities in them to do with little guys.  I would love to do more special things with them-rather than view them as obstacles to getting school done with the olders!   I know I'll regret that greatly when they are grown.  I want to embrace their little years just like I did their older brothers little years.  May petting zoos, finger paint, and peek-a-boo make a come back in my life!
We will get the school work done-I'm just going to have to be more flexible as to when!

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