Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blueberries for boys

I took the boys to pick blueberries last Thursday.  The morning was absolutely beautiful...it was cloudy and windy and cool.  It couldn't have been more perfect!  

He sees me!  He is hoping, yes hoping, that I will pluck him from the back of his brother!

I was able to fill 3 gallon size freezer bags with our berries!  The boys each measure out 1/3 cup for their oatmeal in the morning and we add it to smoothies.  The farm where we pick is organic!

Later that day Benjamin "helped" me make pizza for the boys dinner.  This kid is so much fun.  He is changing a lot!  I think all the hard work of the 2's is morphing into a lovely three year old.  When I tell him, "Benjamin, I love you SO much" and he will say in reply, "I love you sooooo much too!"  He gives kisses now and lately has wanted to "kiss both of my cheeks".  Whenever I cook something, he runs and grabs a stool to come up beside me.  He wants to "help"---really he wants to eat lots of little samples.  :)

After the blueberry picking, and after the pizza making, Isaac got himself stuck up in one of the trees in our backyard.  He used a smaller tree to get up into one of the Tulip Poplar's that doesn't have low branches.  He couldn't figure out how to get back down-I couldn't either.  So I made him stay until Steve got home-which thankfully for him, Steve was only about 30 minutes away.  So he stood there for thirty minutes!

Ahhh....sweet little Samuel.  Can you see what he is saying in this expression?
"Please mom, would ya get me outta this thing?!"

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