Saturday, June 09, 2012

Cabin Fever

Until September of last year we had never stayed in a cabin as a family.  We found this cabin by a creek through the internet and absolutely loved our stay and decided, Lord willing, to make it a family tradition to go once a year.  It's a real vacation for a large family-we aren't running to see lots of things, which for a long time was what I preferred, but I think five children has finally taught me to enjoy just resting.  Now resting in our family, even at a lovely secluded cabin, is just during the little one's nap time, but still!  It is so nice to be away from all of our typical chores and responsibilities and just be.  We are thankful for our time together!

Andrew is my little artist so we spent an evening drawing together :)

Micah's an avid reader and the Freddy the Pig series is one of his all time favorites.  His grandma is helping him build his collection.  Walter R. Brooks is the author and they were written from 1927 to 1958.  They have a humorous tone to them so I often hear Micah laughing out loud when he reads them.

Benjamin doing a Thomas puzzle.  It seems all my boys have been given amazing mathematical minds which show up in the early years by putting together puzzles easily, lining up cars in even rows, and even enjoying putting things away in neat and organized ways.  They definitely got this from Steve!

 Steve was so sweet and did most of the food preparation during the trip.  I cooked most of our meals ahead of time and then froze them, which made things so much easier, but it sure was nice to sit back while he got it all ready and served it!

I insisted the boys sit down and draw at least one thing they found in nature.  One thing we kept finding when we lifted up rocks was this strange looking aquatic insects.  I just had to find out what they were.  Thankfully I had brought our field guide for insects and our Handbook of Nature Study and so was able to both identify and learn a bit more about it.

(This is actually the nymph stage of the Stone find the flying around lamps at night in their adult stage)

Here is our giant stack of books and things we didn't want Sam-Sam to get into!  We were definitely afraid it would topple at some point!  But it never did :)

Now here is the best part!  The boys, on their own completely, designed and built a tubing course through the creek!  I was so impressed by this!  They used the rocks to cause the water to flow in such a way that it coursed quickly through the dams and they could ride tubes through it!  They had SO much fun doing this!

(Here's where I'm thinking-I might be getting a little too old for this!  What if I bump into something too hard?  But it's so much fun!)


Ginny said...

I want to go there!

Cindy in GA said...

Looks like so much fun! Where is it? A weekend away would be great this summer.

Glad you had a great time!

Abby said...

The cabin is in Ellijay, GA. It is called "Go with the flo" and we rented it through "Escape to Blue Ridge". You would enjoy it!!! Soooo relaxing! You can sit in the sun room and open the windows and just listen to the sound of the creek...

Cindy in GA said...

Thanks Abby! What a great looking rental. They're booked for a couple of months, but we're thinking about trying August.