Friday, August 05, 2011

How we celebrated my birthday...crazy

We decided to meet our friends, the Rosbury's, at a covered bridge, last minute on my birthday.  We had just arrived back from our trip up North the night before but I had been wanting to take the kids and go to this covered bridge Dana Webb had told me about months before.  I forgot to bring our camera, which, was actually a really good thing.  Will explain later.  Steve snapped a few pictures with his phone.

Water.  Rocks.  Algae.



Do you see Aiden about to slip?  Yes, she slipped and fell several times.  Crocks aren't really good shoes to wear on slippery rocks.  Do you see in the back ground the hand off between me and Cary of baby Samuel? If you can tell me why we were venturing out in this creek please do.  After the Micah incident I thought I had learned my lesson.  But my lesson was, don't go into the great outdoors without other adults.  This time I had three other adults.  That was my reasoning that it was okay.  Everyone else was doing it!  Surely we'd be just fine.  Right?

Here we go.  Farther and farther.  My heart is palpating the whole time.  Baby Samuel.  Daphne 8 months pregnant.  10 children.  Oh my.

Sure enough, Steve, slips on a big rock and hits his head, hard.  It was very scary.  Thankfully he just ended up with a sore head, elbow and rear end.  But after that we knew, accidents were just waiting to happen with the kids and we hearded them all, carefully, back up to underneath the bridge.

Phew.  We made it back safely (well Steve would say relatively safely) to the car and headed home.  Beautiful sunset.  Another year older.  Hopefully a little bit wiser.  Hopefully.

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