Friday, August 05, 2011


I hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine that is having her 7th child.  I know it is taboo in our culture to have showers after the first child.  (must not be that taboo anymore considering there were 20 plus adults at the shower!!!!)  But I believe every child is special and that it is appropriate to celebrate that child and encourage the mom.  Being a mother is hard.  It takes everything out of you.  But it is so worthwhile and so significant a calling.  In preparing for the shower I decided to write a poem to try and put into words how
my soul feels about the gift of new life.  Here it is.

little blessing
eternal soul
yours days determined 
from times of old

made in His image
a gift to behold
His imprint in you
sacred, untold

we will hold you close
so tender, so new
will thank your Creator
for thinking of you

your worth
without measure
surely  you are
an eternal treasure

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Anonymous said...

SO precious! You are very talented! I miss you very much - we need to get together soon! I am busy with the start of school so sometime in September :)

MaryJo Howell