Sunday, December 19, 2010

Benjamin... 18 months...

We had this toddler bed in our living room, pushed up against the couch.  It was in the process of being moved to the garage and then on to a new home.  I heard Benjamin fussing and looked over and he was in baby "jail" in side the crib!  I have no clue how he got inside the bed, but it was so funny!

His brothers love dressing him up!

Benjamin is my first "climber".  This is one thing he climbs on that I don't say no to.  I have to say no to so many things.  I just hope he doesn't fall!

This picture was taken of the day I had to hold Benjamin almost all day. He was sick and very clingy.  I even made a batch of cookies with him on my hip!  I think he enjoyed looking into the bowl as the kitchen aid whirled the ingredients around.

This is a lovely picture of what Benjamin does with food he doesn't like.  He just spits it right out.  We will definitely be needing to break him of this habit.  At the time I just sighed real deeply.  It was a rough day and this was just one more thing to clean up.

As long as he is not tired, hungry or sick, Benjamin is typically happy and fun to be around.  He is definitely in to everything and we have never had to child proof so much.  We can't even childproof everything, so life is definitely a challenge right now.  I would love to have some ideas on what to do with him and/or what to provide for him to entertain himself.  Right now he just roams around, looking for things to get into.  Occasionally he flips through board books or builds with the bigger size leggos.  Those are probably his two favorite things to do.  I bought him a bunch of toys about 5 months ago because I thought surely then he would occupy himself playing with them, but no.  They just have taken up space in my house adding clutter.  I just recently took the majority of the toys and put them in bins in the attic.  There is no reason to have all these toys my children do not play with.  Usually when I do this, I just give the toys away to goodwill.  But there are times I have regretted this later, so this time I just put them in the attic.  They will probably eventually find their way to goodwill though.

A note on Benjamin and sleeping:  I nursed Benjamin to sleep until I had to wean him at 15 months.  Since then, I have been rocking him to sleep.  I didn't realize it, but when Steve would put him to bed, he rocked him, but not to sleep.  He was putting him down awake and Benjamin was just fine with it.  So I have just recently gotten him in the same routine with me.  I read him two books, sing him two songs, and then pray for him.  Then I lay him down.  At first he would get up and fuss and I would have to come back in, lay him down, and comfort him.  But now, he doesn't!  It only took a few days and he is happily going to sleep, and my life is just a little easier.  It was getting really hard to rock him to sleep, taking 20 to 30 minutes!  Then heaving his limp, heavy body up and over the side of the crib and laying him down gently, was becoming increasingly difficult for my pregnant body.  So I'm relieved that I have this transition done before baby boy number five is born!

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