Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting outside...even in the cold

I hate being cold, but I love being outside.  I have found myself staying indoors almost constantly the past month or so.  I also found myself feeling more and more depressed.  One day I just decided I would bundle up me and Benjamin and we would go outside.  It was so worth it!  It even started to snow while we were out!  It was so beautiful.  I also got to see the bike trails the boys have been riding on in the woods behind our house.  I had no idea we had such a fun place for the boys to ride their bikes.  

We also started a "Roxaboxen" house.

Andrew just recently learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  I'm so proud of him!

Being outside made me think about our garden.  The wall that is unpainted was just recently constructed by Steve.  It adds a tremendous amount of growing space.  Unfortunately it was filled in with clay and some old chunks of Bermuda grass.  The Bermuda grass is all going to have to be dug out, and most of the clay will have to go.  See all those bags in the left of the picture?  I bought 30 bags of top soil, 7 bags of natures helper, and 5 bags of moo-nure.  Hopefully I bought the right amount and hopefully we will have a warm day for me and the boys to get out and get the beds ready for Spring planting.  The baby is due sometime in the beginning of April, which is usually when I plant everything.  I don't want to forgo planting a garden completely this year because of having a baby, but I am going to think through what will be easiest and will take the least amount of work to maintain.

One of my favorite things about winter is...dreaming about Spring.  :)  This time I have a little more to dream about...  (our new baby!).

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