Thursday, December 16, 2010

One diaper complete...two hours later!

I have found that the diapers I have made with fairly thick inner soaker pads, take a long time to dry.  So...  I decided to try making one that is thinner inside but has an additional soaker pad sewn to the outside.  When I ordered my fabric and notions from the online store, they had aplix hook tape, but only circles in the loop portion.  It doesn't look as good on the diaper, but I just sewed on several circles on the front of the diaper.  It will work!  It was really hard to sew on the additional soaker pad through all those layers.  Not sure how to remedy that yet.  Well, I spent most of my morning and a bit of Benjamin's naptime sewing this one diaper.  It took longer to make the additional soaker.  Surely I will get faster?  I also didn't love working with the terry cloth fabric.  It has a little bit of stretch to it and so it kept wanting to roll up around the edges.  I may just stick with all flannel.  Glad I only ordered 3 yards of the terry cloth!  Hopefully I will find a use for it!

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GranolaGirl77 said...

Very cute! Looks like you're doing a good job!