Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The rest of our Columbus trip...

The boys were thrilled to go the Coca-Cola Space and Science Center.  

Their favorite part was the flight simulators!  These things actually move back and forth and side to side to make it more realistic.  This scared Andrew very much and he ended up playing with them without his seat belt on, which disabled the movement.  

Here is Isaac in a simulator trying to land a space shuttle.

Later in the afternoon we visited this really neat museum.

I think the cannons outside were a definite highlight :)

The remains of this ship, the CSS Jackson, were incredible to see.  This ship was set on fire by Union soldiers and it drifted ablaze for two weeks down the Chattahoochee River.  It finally sank 30 miles south of Columbus.  It rested in the Chattahoochee River for 95 years until local citizens recovered it.  The museum was actually built around the ship.  That is how big it is!

The boys got to go in several life size models of different civil war ships.  It was really neat.

The lady at the front desk told us that, if you got real close to the CSS Jackson, and kind of wafted the air towards your nose, you could actually still smell a smoky smell.  We just had to try it. :)

We were tagging along with Steve while he was on a business trip in Columbus.  He was working every day, all day, but to go to the museum he was able to take off work at about 3 oclock.  He still had a conference call though at 5 pm, so I took the roudy boys behind the museum, and they played on the cannon, rolled down a big hill, and explored the river.

Thanks for letting us tag along Steve!  We added a lot of chaos to your trip but we had tons of fun! 

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