Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Benjamin... 17 months

 (He really wanted to taste the cannon)

 (He was so excited)

(Look at those wisps of blonde hair...  How I adore that sweet hair)

Benjamin, let's see.  You at 17 months:  Your very, very curious.  You are adventurous, fearless.  My first climber.  You are very strong willed.  When you are told no, you quickly learned the classic, throw yourself down on the floor, bang your head and cry, fit.  You hit.  A lot.  You used to bite.  Not so much anymore.  You love giving me zerbets on my growing belly.  This is quite funny.  And scary.  Because you bit me once.  You can be very serious, taking in your environment.  You can also be very, very silly.  Lately you have been giggling and smiling a ton.  You have been coming over just to snuggle and give hugs.  I can't help but kiss you all the time.  You tolerate this, most of the time.  You don't really like it when your brothers get too physical with you.  You appreciate your own space when it comes to those big guys.  Your a handful and a joy all at the same time.  I'm so thankful for you.  I'm crazy about you!

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