Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A couple more finished diapers...

These diapers are made using this pattern.  Only, I changed it a bit.  The pattern is for a diaper with a hole in the back that you stuff a prefold into.  I plan to make a few of these kinds, but first, I made the one above, sewing three layers of terry cloth in for an absorbent liner.

I can't help but think "shiny hiney" when I look at this one!  I wanted to try and make an "all in one" diaper and my 7 1/2 year old happened to be with me when I was cloth shopping at JoAnn's.  There weren't many choices of water proof fabric to begin with, and he lunged for the camo immediately and put it in the cart.  It was a done deal.  :)  (my boys are crazy about camo!  They wear camo every day if they possibly can)

I just made the "all in one" diaper a few minutes ago.  It took me 45 minutes.  This is the fastest I've made a diaper yet!  These diapers are designed to be fastened with pins or an aplix (that is what that little grabby thing is called isn't it?).  I don't think I could use an aplix on this one.  I don't think it would grasp the shiny waterproof material.  So I'm going to try pinning it.  I have never made something with snaps so I have no idea how to put those on.  I may end up having to figure that out!  

So far, I have found diapers to be extremely easy to make.  Especially if you start with a tutorial and a pattern from someone experienced.  If I had started with that I would have saved myself a lot of hassle and time!  I guess it is all part of the learning experience though!

So sorry for another post about diapers.  I've got diapers on the brain lately.  I have dreamed about making cloth diapers every night for the past three nights.  Terrible I know!  But I go to sleep at night thinking about how I'm going to make them the next day, changes and adjustments I'm going to make, etc.  I never knew I had it in me to be a cloth diaper mama, much less a cloth diaper sewing mama!  

Okay, I may post now about the rest of our Columbus trip.  I want to get that in here since this is also my family scrapbook!  

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