Sunday, November 21, 2010

Planting Fall bulbs with the boys!

First, we went to Ace Hardware to pick up some bulbs.  The Type-A personality in me wanted to pick and coordinate what flowers we chose.  The mom in me said, "let each of the boys pick out what flower they like, even if they don't "go" with each other".  And the nature loving side of me said, "any flower God made put in any order will be beautiful.  You can't go wrong with flowers in a garden!"  So, that is the complex way in which the bulbs were bought.  :) :) :)

When we got home, we did NOT plant the bulbs.  I was tired.  And I'm glad I waited.  It of course ended up being a bigger project then I anticipated.  (projects always are bigger, longer and harder than I expect)  With our hard rock, Georgia red clay, dotted throughout with thick cement rocks, IT ISN'T EASY to plant in.  It does not look like this, which is a photo of my sister's soil in Virginia.  You can see her whole post here.  She has a really neat blog about her life on a small homestead, homeschooling 5 children.

Anyway, the first thing we did before planting was pull out our nature journals and each boy sketched their bulb.  I'm really really trying to do more nature journaling.  Of course, most of the time it is spontaneous things we find in nature, but sometimes, it is more planned.

By the way, they are using their prismacolor colored pencils that were somewhere around sixty dollars.  I don't think they were worth the money.  I think they might be if you have children who are very interested in art and sketching.  Mine aren't.

Benjamin wants to help.  Help mix up the bulbs and confuse his mom, to which is which, that is.

I love seeing the boys working in the dirt.  Even if it is just a small patch of dirt.  One day we will have a farm. I hope!

It is so nice having an older son to help me carry heavy things!

Benjamin sat in his stroller while we put the bulbs in the ground.  If I didn't strap him in he would have pulled up each and every bulb as we put it in the ground!  He wasn't happy about being confined.  It was just for a few minutes!!!

A side note:  Last February I planted a TON of seeds in peat pots inside the house.  I planted many different varieties of flowers and herbs.  I was so faithful to spray them with a mister morning and night.  They all began to sprout beautifully.  Then I left them in the care of my sweet husband while I went to Virginia for 5 days.  He did the best he knew how.  When I came home they were all wilted and dead.  Except a few faithful Dahlia seeds.  About 8 of them made it to a size large enough to plant in the garden.  I planted them when they were about 1 1/2 inches or 2 inches high.  Maybe they were too small?  I don't know.  Only one of them survived.  And it didn't flower all summer.  But it surprised us all when it bloomed in late October!  One little seed out of so many that made it to bloom!

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