Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Montessori toys....

This is one of several Montessori toys we got Benjamin for his birthday.  I love how he will sit and concentrate while he drops balls in holes or fits pillars into containers.  They seem like toys with a purpose, that really grow his brain.  All the plastic stuff had to go because he doesn't play with them!  I think he wants to be more appropriately stimulated.  

(I'm doing this post when I should be making dinner.  I'm procrastinating because I've been letting things get messier and then when I do that, I end up overwhelmed, and that is why I usually try to stay on top of everything.  So this doesn't happen.  Well, I'm going to go back in to the kitchen and do dishes, pick up, make dinner, feed the baby, put him to bed and rush off to book club all in the next 50 minutes.  Thank goodness for adrenalin)

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Daphne said...

How sweet is that guy!!!! Does he try to eat the ball?