Monday, June 07, 2010

In the garden tonight...

Steve built another retaining wall so that the dirt on this hill would quit running off into his grass which is great for me!  More garden space!  

Speaking of garden, ours is growing nicely!  The tomatoes plants have grown a lot with all the rain we have been getting, four potato plants are growing up, not a whole lot, but some at least!

The green bean plants are growing well, I think.  I've never had success with green bean plants.  These ones have grown the highest of any of mine so far but these shoots that are growing up are rather thin.  Will they get fuller?

The cucumbers I started so easily from seed are growing, but not as quickly as the green beans.

I found a caterpillar on one of my tomatoes.  I pulled it off, but now that I think about it I forgot to kill it.  It is still in the black bucket outside.  I hope it doesn't crawl out and go back to the tomatoes.  What do I do about these things?  

My daisies are finally blooming!

See those bird feeders?  They are the excitement of the Walsman home on most days.  Everyone observes, points, yells, grins, and otherwise loves looking at birds at the feeders.  We've been eating outside on our deck for breakfast and lunch most days and the birds will come over and eat while we are sitting right near them.  We also have a bird bath and suet feeder hanging from the deck which they come to as well.  We love love love birds....

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Daphne said...

Your garden looks so good! Out tomatoes are quickly our growing the support system we have, so we are scrambling for a plan b. I love how as homeschoolers we get so interested in insects and want to identify them and make them house guests... until they get in the garden. Then all bets are off!!!