Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Benjamin is....

One Year old!

It seems just yesterday I was staring into his little face for the first time. ...  I am finding that with each additional child their young lives go by that must faster.  It is that much harder but time goes by so much quicker.  A few weeks before Benjamin was born a friend gave me a gift.  She knew I was having tremendous anxiety over his birth and whether or not he would be okay.  I had two previous miscarriages and was plagued with worry my entire pregnancy up until I looked into that beautiful face.  The gift was a small frame that had about 50 bible verses stacked inside.  I sat it by my bed and each morning I would switch the verse.  The morning of Benjamin's birth the verse was from Ecclesiastes:

"He has made everything beautiful in His time"

A fitting verse to remember on my little guy's first birthday!  We had a great day!  In the morning before Benjamin's nap I took him out for his photo session.  Unfortunately he was in a bad mood.  He doesn't like to touch grass or mulch or anything that isn't silky and soft so he wasn't happy that I sat him down in the garden.  I only got a smile when I called him a stinker for eating a wet stick.  

Later on my younger sister, her husband Doug, and their two children, Payton and Gavin came over.   In the afternoon our good friends, the Rosebury's came over with their six children and we had a great time!  

This is Benjamin's first time in his little pool!

Benjamin and Payton

He loved hanging out in the danger zone---the bottom of the slip and slide :)

Caught this collision in mid-action

Gluten free cupcakes---I've never made cupcakes for a birthday---always a cake.  I figured this time since I was making gluten free and regular I would go easy on myself.  Cupcakes are soooooo much easier than making a cake that I don't know if I'll ever go back!  

Benjamin is not wanting to get dirty so...

Dad decides to help him out!

We decided to just bring the cupcakes outside to all the wet children and we congregated on the front porch where it was shady!

He is so beautiful....

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Daphne said...

ohhh he is just YUMMY!!! We had a lovely time. I hope the grass has recovered ;)