Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Andrew has started singing...

Andrew, my 4 1/2 year old who has speech issues, has started spontaneously singing...  I ran to get a piece of paper and a pen when I heard this song...  it is his first composition:

Almighty God, Almighty God
He is really mighty
He keeps us from falling off a cliff
He moves the mountains
Because he is really strong

He is really
God really mighty, really Almighty
Really much, really much (multiple times singing this line)
God Almighty, really much
God is mighty

Discipling Andrew:

I realized one night a few months ago that I had been neglecting teaching Andrew specifically about God.  While he has always been there when we are reading the Bible to the older ones and teaching the older ones, I've not taught him anything at his level.  

Then God sent me something to the thrift store.  Like he always does.

I had heard of this book and that it was great but I had never bought it.  It has been perfect for leading my little Andrew to God.  I read him his little lesson during his "school" time and we kneel down and pray at the end and it is just so precious.  I can already see his awareness of God growing.  His singing spontaneous praise songs is evidence of his growing faith!  Yeah!  

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