Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since I've not had time to post recently I am going to go back and post some past events.
October 31st-Andrew and I made his strawberry birthday cake together. He is always asking, "can I spend special time with you?" Cooking together is always a special time! I think what he loves the most is getting to lick the spoons!

I bought clay and this book to make clay creations with the boys. Since this day we have done it a couple other times. The boys really enjoy it and I do too!
Micah's pig!
This was a school assignment for Isaac-making an Ancient Chinese Terra Cotta Warrior!
For the creations you make clay balls first. I like this so much better than play-do! It is a lot less messy.
Here's what they all made...

We were on a walk with our friends at the park and saw this beautiful Monarch butterfly. So fascinating to consider the journey they make. I just marvel at God when I spend time in his creation!
Benjamin Jesse.... he is wearing a hat my sister Ginny ( knitted for Andrew when he was a baby!
The boys had the most fun climbing this really steep hill and getting really muddy!
Andrew dresses himself....
His shirt AND his pants were backwards! He is so cute...
After dealing with breastfeeding thrush/yeast for the third or fourth time (I'm losing count) I went crazy and boiled and bleached all my shirts, underclothes, kitchen rags, burp clothes, bibs, anything and everything I could and then cleaned all the bathrooms with bleach (a first for me I admit) in an effort to kill this crazy strain of yeast. (It didn't work because 4 weeks later here I am again with yeast again. My thought is, it is a pain to be dealing with this over and over but if I can just make it to 12 months I will be so happy. I am very thankful to be able to give Benjamin the perfect food for him. My milk dried up with my first two boys at 3 1/2 months which grieved me so deeply, so I count my blessings that I have milk for Benjamin! Even if yeast comes along with it!)
We got a really neat ant farm that doesn't require anything. You just add the ants and get to watch them make tunnels. The boys really enjoyed watching them tunnel the first few days or so but now the ants have lost their fame.

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