Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enjoying my children...

I've really been enjoying my children! I've really not been feeling well lately and so I've not been doing a lot of housework. Like a clean house hasn't been my top priority nor accomplishing things on a "to do" list. I think as this has happened I've just focused in on my kids and I've really been enjoying them! It's been great! Tonight I pulled out my Bible and I read the boys a couple of different stories they picked out. We read the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. When I read that Jesus lifted the bread to Heaven, broke it and gave thanks, Andrew got visibly upset and said "no no". He was upset that Jesus had "broken" the bread. I assured him Jesus was doing it to be able to give everyone some!

Then they wanted me to read the story of Zaccheus and when I read about the the people grumbling about Jesus hanging out with a "sinner" Micah assured me that we are "all sinners". It's so cool that he already knows this!! We all need Jesus! Then we read the story of Jesus calming the storm. We got on the boat (the couch), Micah found oars for him and Andrew to use, and I was the narrator and Jesus (who fell asleep on the boat during the storm). We had lots of fun. These are the little things that we don't normally do because I'm busy vacuuming the floor. I hope I can stay in this mode forever. Cleaning can happen anytime but my kids are growing up and now is the time to bless them!

Tonight when I was praying with Micah (a prayer that he initiated because we had already prayed together but he said he wanted to pray for the orphans) he prayed that the case histories for our kids would get done but he told God, "not on Sunday, the Sabbath day but on Thursday". Isn't that precious that he would think that the case histories shouldn't be completed on the Sabbath! He melts my heart so often... He really is a sweet kid.

Isaac is not in any of these stories because he went with Steve to the home owners association meeting in the n-hood tonight. So it was just me and Andrew and Micah. Now I'm sitting here eating all the red sour patch kids out of the bag which is not going to make me very popular. And no, I don't sit around eating candy very often. For some reason these were very appealing tonight. :)

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