Monday, December 08, 2008


The boys are blowing bubbles on the deck while I just finished my lunch of beans and rice. It has been a slightly crazy morning. I think the craziest thing is that we are trying to buy a mattress for our king size bed and we had to return one already to Costco because it was too soft and putting my arms to sleep and the one we bought on Saturday is ROCK hard. Thankfully they were willing to take it back if we left the plastic on it while we tried it out. This is so frustrating! It isn't easy to transport huge king mattresses to and fro, especially when I am pregnant and have to be the one helping!

On another note, we had fun starting little people shaped blank books that the boys decorated on the front as themselves. They are "tour guides" and will be telling people about different countries, the first one being China. They introduced themselves on the first page and told which country they would be sharing about first. We learned about the Great Wall of China and got to see some awesome pictures of it on the internet. So that was their first place to introducde people to in China. They were really into their books and of course colored themselves in camaflouge clothes as that is all they want to wear nowadays. It is cute. We started Stuart Little for our fun fiction read aloud. We just finished Pinocchio. It was a REALLY neat story. We read the complete and unabridged version which was wonderful. It had lots of words we didn't know but it was fine. It is a really neat story of a rebellious little puppet that learns the value of honoring and taking care of ones parents. When his heart is finally changed through many trials and tribulations he turns into a boy! I always knew a bit of the story from the Disney movie but this book was SO much more! I totally recommend it!

We got a really neat "We sing" CD of different songs from other countries. It literally has like 50 different songs in both English and the native language. So we are learning a short little song in Chinese! We are going Wednesday to the High Museum of Art to see the Terra Cotta soldiers that were built by the first emperor of China. It is so neat to give the kids varied experiences to make these different cultures and countries come alive. I want them to feel connected to the world at large. I want them to have a heart for whole world!

We also started a neat little book from the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Christmas story. It interweaves the biblical Christmas story with beautiful works of art depicting the story. We will use that for art study this month.

For Hymn study we are learning Christmas hymns! We just are finished up Joy to the World learning ALL the verses which are each so rich and full of wonderful theology and next we are going to learn "Good Christian Men Rejoice" which is such a fun song to sing!

Gotta go man my little troop.

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