Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our daily schedule

Here is our daily schedule.  Click on the picture of it to make it larger.  I have this basic form saved in Word and every Sunday night I go in and make any adjustments necessary.  I do NOT follow this as far as when to do things.  I know it has time blocks and certain subjects etc.  The first day or two I followed this to the "T" but found it to be easier as the days went on to ebb and flow with what was working.  The only things that stay 99% the same are we do right after breakfast Calendar, Bible, Poetry, Scripture Memory and Hymn Study.  Bible is the most important aspect of our schooling and I like starting off with that.  If we take longer than everything else can fit in however best, but I would rather not let other things crowd out Bible.  This is a very special time for us and we've been so blessed by our overview of the Bible.  I posted about this earlier.  We all love it!

As you can see on the schedule I highlight when we have accomplished certain tasks.  I like being able to check things off!  I feel like we are accomplishing our goals that way.  Sometimes we don't get to the extra things like composer study, picture study and even science at times.  But I feel good if we get to science twice a week and composer and picture study once a week.   So while it is a daily goal if it doesn't happen its okay.  

I just decided today to actually write in what we did in each subject in the blank rather than just highlight it.  This way I'll have record of our accomplishments.  Isn't it interesting that I say "our" accomplishments???  Like I'm one of the students as well.  I feel that way at times!  I absolutely LOVE homeschooling and learning right along side my children!  I love spending this time with my kids, love love love it!  I can't imagine sending them off to school and not seeing them all day!  Even with little Andrew going to preschool two mornings a week it is the sweetest reunion when I pick him up in the afternoon!  

By the way that has gone so wonderfully!  He gets out of the car at carpool and the teacher says "Wave bye to mommy" and he gives me a side look and says in a loud firm voice, "BIYE" and walks off with a spring in his step!  He absolutely loves it!  When I picked him up the first day his teachers and the supervisor of the school both said, "Does he ever not smile?"  I just had to grin and say not really!  He is truly a joy and I'm glad he is bringing joy to the teachers at his preschool.  I'm so blessed to have him....! :)

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