Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Book of Centuries

This is the basket that holds the kids journals, all except the Book of Countries and Cultures which I keep in the school room. This basket is in the kitchen by the table. There are the boys Bible journals which I posted about earlier, the boys Nature Journals, and the Book of Centuries. I downloaded the pages for the Book of Centuries from which is basically just the date and century at the top of the page. When we are reading something such as the history behind a particular hymn we will go to the century when the hymn writer was born and Isaac, my 4th grader, will write a bit about that hymn writer.
This is Isaac's entry about Maltbie Babcock who wrote "This is my Father's World".
This time I gave Isaac the option of either writing about David Friedrich who was an artist in the 1800's or paint the picture of his that we were studying, "Wonderer Above the Sea Fog". He opted to paint which was no suprise!

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