Sunday, September 28, 2008

Money plan

Operation debt payoff-we are off and running!  I spent 72.00 dollars at super-wal-mart Saturday for the week.  If I make a meal plan for the week I end up coming up with a long list of things to buy.  This time I just went and sat in the car for a few minutes and wrote down the essentials, thought of what we already had and could use for meals and came up with a short list.  The first place I went was the produce.  That is main thing I don't want to skimp on.  But I also don't want to waste either.  If I buy too much produce without purposing when we will eat it some of it always goes bad.  So I thought through when we were going to eat certain things and tried not to over buy.  I thought let me get just enough for this week.  But probably 45 percent of what I bought was produce.  I bought lots and lots of bananas because we let this get ripe and then peel them and put them in the fridge for smoothies.  Smoothies are a BIG part of our diet.  We eat smoothies at least 5 times a week with either lunch of dinner.  Typically just strawberry/banana smoothies because that is what Steve likes.  But sometimes I'll make his first and then add in some blueberries/pineapples etc. for me and the boys.  The boys will eat almost any kind of smoothies including ones with carrots and spinach!  

The rest of what I bought was mainly cheese, milk and eggs.  We eat a lot of cheese and a lot of eggs.  I of course got non-organic of these things.  And then I got rice cakes because we have been eating a lot of rice cakes with natural peanut butter and honey on top.  They are very filling and we all love them.  

I bought some wal-mart brand refried beans for bean and cheese quesadillas which we also eat probably 3-4 times a week.  We like these with guacamole and I do buy these little packages of guacamole from Wal-mart because they are so easy and so yummy.  Yes a convenience food but I know we wouldn't eat guacamole if I didn't buy it already made.  It is only 2.18 per box so it really isn't that bad.

I bought some petite diced tomatoes to add to black beans to make a decent beans/rice dish.

I bought some pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese for a homemade pizza crust.  And I walked right past the bread aisle and resisted buying any bread!  I'm perfectly capable of making it at home and I am going to make myself this week!  That is one of the ways I know we can save money is if I get my rear in gear and start making a lot of these things like bread and tortillas from scratch.  

So 72.00 dollars later we will see if this lasts us for the week.  I think it will.  This is FUN!

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