Friday, September 19, 2008

What we do for Bible....

My desire for my children (and myself) was to go through the major stories of the Bible, Old and New Testament for the year, or however long it takes. I found a great Bible study to do just that, it is non-denominational, doesn't get into particular church doctrines, but rather just focuses on the Bible. It has a spiral bound book of the Old Testament lessons and another for the New Testament lessons. This is geared towards 1st-3rd and I have a kindergartner and a 4th grader. I thought it would work fine because I could do just enough for my kindergartner and add a bit more for my 4th grader when applicable. It has worked perfectly. What we do is read the lesson (which most of the time is a paraphrased story of the particular Bible story it is focused on so often times we will get out the Bible and read the story as well from the actual Bible), we go over the questions orally, the children color a picture of that particular story and put these in their Bible Notebook within clear plastic covers, and then we listen to the story using the Bible Comes Alive series put out by Your Story Hour (If their is a story to listen to then the boys draw their pictures while they listen). These really bring the stories alive for the boys!
With doing the pictures and putting them in order in their bible notebooks I can't wait until we are done and the boys can flip through their own Bible picture books! I think we will have a much better grasp of the Bible as a whole.
Above is the Bible Study book...
This is the Bible Comes Alive Bible CD's.
This is great for things like God's call of Abram. It has a great map of Abram's journey from Ur (where he was born), to Haran and on to Canann, then Egypt, and then back to Canaan. Great visual aid.

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