Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Florida: Part 2

Here we begin our "African Safari"...  It was pretty neat.  It stirred up my love of Africa....I think I must be distantly related to David Livingstone...that desire for exploration, adventure, extreme ministry, babies in arms, children on knees, a million hugs a day, everyday.  If Steve said let's move to Africa, I'd say "yes" in a heart beat.  Maybe one day that's where we will be.  For now, I've got my own gaggle of little boys to give millions of hugs to!  

These are the coolest birds ever---with their upside down nests!  I was so surprised ---delighted really----to see them!  I never thought I'd see them in person or should I say "in bird"....hmmmm....  

Watching these guys....OH MY GOODNESS!  They are SOOOO COOL!  I almost gave away my copy of "Gorillas in the Mist"....but after seeing them, I want to pull it out and read it!  These animals are amazing!

Here we are, back at my in-laws.  What you see here is their porch so to speak, but it is an official part of their house, I don't at all know how to spell what it is called.  But at any rate, it was the only area that didn't contain glass vases, bowls, doo-dad's, etc.  So it was the place where Samuel and Benjamin could play.  My mother-in-law tried to get me to relax and not hover over the little guys so much, but that was impossible.  Even if she didn't mind a few things breaking, I wanted them to learn not to touch things that weren't theirs, and I didn't want to be cleaning up broken glass.  Can I get an amen?  Who doesn't hate cleaning up broken glass that sends shards to the farthest corners of the house????  When I was a teenager I got a small sliver of glass in my foot, and despite the fact that I have a terrible memory, I can clearly remember how horrible it was to get out because glass is so slippery and you can't grip it with tweezers.  Shudder.

Samuel:  "Here's looking at you kid."

(Isn't this picture so cute!???  This guy is so darn kissable.  I do think I kiss my boys too much.  Are they gonna be scarred for life?)

Love this.   

Okay.  For animal lovers, bad bad story coming.  We saw these ducklings in the backyard and ran out to take pictures.  They were soooo cute!  Much to my dismay this frightened the mother duck and she up and flew away, abandoning her ducklings.  I think she must have come back for two of them, but three little precious ducklings were left completely behind.  My in-laws and all of Steve's siblings and spouses were preparing to go on a golf-cart scavenger hunt and NO ONE ELSE was the least bit concerned about the abandoned ducklings.  Nor was my husband.  Not the slightest.  And I was IN.  TEARS.  I had scared the mother away and the ducklings, I knew, would not survive without her.  Everyone who I mentioned this to said, "oh, the mother will come back."  As it turns out, I don't think she ever did, based on some neighbors reporting seeing the ducklings in their backyard hours later.  If it had been up to me, I would have put them in a box, fed them, and brought them home to my mother who has raised ducklings before.  But, as Providence would have it, He took care of the ducklings in another way.  I will probably always feel bad.   Don't let me hear the sound of peeping or I may start up crying again.

The boys got the joy of spending time with the former Chaplin of the "Giants".  Forgive, my ignorance but I think the Giants are a football team? 

He had a really valuable Super Bowl Ring.  Don't know much about that.  But Isaac was quite proud to have his picture taken wearing it to show his teachers.

Here they have just successfully blown out their birthday candles.  Eighty years can't stop these two.  They both aren't slowing down one bit.  They amaze me.  

Love this family.  

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