Thursday, January 03, 2013


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents and my sister and her family.  The children always love going over to their grandparents is always a riot.  With three ladies trying to accomplish the meal, we tend to lack, well.... organization.  Plus with all of our different diet plans and tastes, it can become a challenge!  This year we had FOUR different kinds of stuffing (paleo, gluten free, cornbread stuffing from the box, and homemade stuffing made with french bread)!  And making sweet potato casserole was absolutely hilarious!  Mom was convinced that sour cream made the casserole taste way better, but others in the room were not of that opinion.  We had a good laugh when, while making the effort to subtly and secretly add sour cream to the mix, I flung sour cream on my moms hand which was holding the bowl.  We had a good laugh.  And the casserole turned out delicious.  Surely thanks to the sour cream.  :)  I love my family!  

I have the cutest little niece and nephew!  

My mom has a swamp in her backyard.  It's super cool.  She gets to see all sorts of wildlife back there!  The boys love the little bit of paddling around they can do in it.  The water's not very deep and it's mostly filled with swamp trees, but nevertheless, it provides the boys with great fun! 

This is my mother's pet duck.  Oh dear, I've forgotten her name!  How could I?  My mom bought her at the Pendergrass Flea Market.  She bought two and this little girl's mate was either killed or flew away.  So now my mom takes the best of care of the little widow, bringing her food morning and night.  They have quite the bond.  :)

Isn't my mother gorgeous!  It's just ridiculous!  She is the prettiest lady in her fifties that I've ever met!  

Here she is looking on while Isaac reads the scrapbook she made for him!  She is so thoughtful...this scrapbook had not only pictures she had taken of him during his football games, but also lots of stories of famous football players!  I'm sure Isaac will treasure this!  Thanks mom!

Oh and last but not least, little Samuel, who has decided he'd like to feed himself with fork and spoon.  He doesn't have great aim and this is usually very messy, but the boy is growing messy we will be!

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angie (your sister) said...

I just now saw this.Love this post and love all of you guys. We had a good time spending Thanksgiving with you.Thanks for your thoughtfulness in including us in your post.