Sunday, December 30, 2012

Flint River Aquarium in Albany

For years I had a flyer to the Flint River Aquarium in Albany, GA.  It's a good 4 hours from hour house so it wasn't a trip I'd easily take with no other reason to be down there.  When I realized one of the seven wonders was in Albany I was thrilled that we would finally visit the aquarium there!  We were not disappointed!  We had such a neat experience.  The staff at this aquarium were just amazing, going out of there way to give our boys an enjoyable and even hands on experience.  We are avid bird lovers and they actually have an aviary for birds that have needed rehabilitative care!  It was so neat!

On our way we passed lots of pecan groves....

and fields of white cotton...

After meeting Arkie, I will never view Blue Jay's the same again.  This bird had some serious personality.  He  was known for flying up to people and trying to take the earrings out of their ears and while we were there he was taking pennies from people's hands.

They even let Samuel play with their walkie talkies!

I would highly recommend this aquarium if your in Albany.  Once you see the pictures of Radium Springs in Albany, surely you'll want to go.  What we did was hit Providence Canyon on Friday, which is on the way to Albany, than the aquarium and Radium Springs on Saturday in Albany, and then Sunday, on our way home, we visited Warm Springs and "The Little White House".

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