Monday, November 26, 2012

The old house down the road...

There is an old house, originally belonging to a man by the name of Elisha Winn, not too far from us.  It was built in the early 1800's.  We are studying the 1800's right now so when I heard they were having a fair I took the boys.  I love old stuff so it was great fun walking through the house!  There was a woman inside demonstrating some sort of weaving on a really old loom.

Outside there were civil war demonstrations.

Benjamin came with his daddy towards the end when I was ready to go.  I had come earlier with the older boys.  When we turned around to go get in the car, Benjamin exclaimed, "I want to see something!!!"  So I took him back and he got to see some "things"!

He especially liked the "firehouse"---aka, the blacksmith shop.  I enjoyed talking with the eccentric man who was building a house by himself in the country that had more outdoor porch square footage than indoor square footage!  Sounds like my kinda house :)  That and lots and lots of windows...  and cows...  and some horses....  and chickens....  and sheep...  I digress...

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