Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall traditions

Our current Fall traditions are to go apple picking and to Burt's pumpkin farm.  For some reason we have been especially busy this Fall.  So these things have been squeezed in.  We ended up going to the apple picking farm, Hillcrest Orchards, on one of the busiest weekends of the year.  It was slightly intolerable to me.  I decided I'd rather go to a farm where they don't have any extra activities and is less crowded and busy!  But the boys had fun... as we were leaving the orchard with our full bags of apples Benjamin said, "That was a GOOD time picking apples."  Now I wish we had picked more apples.  They didn't look good and all that were left were golden delicious but they turned out to be the crispest, yummiest apples we have ever had!

Micah's friend, Dominic, got to spend the weekend with us so he joined our family for apple picking!

Isaac is such a big help with the little guys.  And they adore him!  

Your thinking, "poor little chick!", right?  He didn't hold the dear little thing long!

Samuel was in little boy heaven with all the little animals around him.  They were just his size :)  

If the line weren't so long for this slide-the boys probably would have slidden (is that a word?) down it over and over and over again!  So fun!

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