Friday, September 21, 2012

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon was really neat.  The boys and I recently finished reading a biography of George Washington and reading a shorter book specifically about Mount Vernon-so it was super cool to be able to visit.  We were able to tour the home-they have a guide in each room to tell you more about it.  I'll not forget the Washington's bedroom.  Not every room has all original furniture-but in their bedroom-the four poster bed is original and is the actual bed that George Washington died in.  Their room was a white color with a light turquoise trim and molding.  The canopy bed was covered in white linens.  It was quite pretty-yet simple.  Downstairs was George's private study.  He had a chair with foot peddles that operated a fan above him to keep himself cool.  In this room was his desk and "presidential" chair where he wrote many of his letters.  Photography wasn't allowed inside the house-which was kind of nice.  It seems when I'm not taking pictures I'm more present-wherever I may be.  I think my favorite thing of all was the gigantic Tulip Poplar tree that George Washington planted himself in 1785.  It was "hugormus" as my kids like to say :)

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