Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big Meadows

I can't look at this picture of Micah for long-it's rather frightening.  But cute of the three cousins :)

I've seen my sister blog about this place called "Big Meadows" many times-it seemed like such an enchanting place.  So serene and beautiful.  I didn't know when I'd ever be able to go-really didn't think ever-so when my sister suggested we go on Sunday-instead of Ferry Farm-I smiled and said, "yes!"  George Washington's childhood home was on my list, but Ginny said there just isn't much to see.  Just land.  So we drove past it and looked and that was good enough.

He isn't crying.  He's counting.  Freeze tag is lots of fun in Big Meadows.

Did I mention I love this baby?

We saw lots of deer.  Ate dinner in the dark.  And in the cold.  It was good.  My sister cooked all day, the day before, pulled pork, cole slaw and amazing home made baked beans.  She puts me to shame in the kitchen!  Drove home in the dark down winding mountain roads.  Right before our eyes we saw a man run a red light and nearly hit Jonny and the boys in front of us.  It was a really close call....reminded us again that God was watching over us all.  Got back about 10:30 and crashed because Mount Vernon is next!

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