Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Sunday guest

On our way home from church on Sunday we noticed a turtle standing in the left lane.  We all thought to ourselves and then said aloud, "It's going to get HIT!  We have to go back!"  And then the kids began the pleading screams, which, were entirely unnecessary.  None of us wanted the sweet little turtle to get hit!  So we turned around and went back and Steve, the good husband that he is, stopped right in the middle of the road for me to get out.  I wasn't thinking and spent a few too many seconds staring at the turtle, deciding what to do with it, and so received my fair share of horn honking.  With pressure building, I just grabbed the turtle and ran back to the van with it.  Somehow taking it to the woods on the other side of the road didn't seem like the most exciting idea.

To our dearest surprise, this turtle didn't have a shy scale in it's body!  It popped it's little head out and kicked it's little arms and legs, ready to go!  Being the explorative type, it crawled all over Isaac, much to his amusement.

I quickly fell in love with Sunday, yes, that is what I named the turtle.  I can't explain it other than box turtle's are extremely lovable, sweet little things.  The boys weren't to sure of that name, nor did they "fall in love", although they did like him/her.  I explored our option of keeping the turtle, but thankfully, I chose the higher path, letting the dear creature back into it's natural habitat.  The thought of taking a wild animal like that, and confining it to a cage was too much for me to endure!  (It did help in my decision to read in some states it's illegal to take a box turtle from the wild and make it a pet!)  Sunday stayed with us for the afternoon and we released her near the woods at the end of our street.

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