Thursday, April 12, 2012

Samuel...He walks!

He explores!  He falls, he crashes, he bumps, he bruises, he laughs, he cries!  I can't believe he is one, I can't believe he is walking.  He's still my baby though! We are, as far as humanly possible, going to put a bit of distance between Samuel and the next baby.  I am following my husband's lead on this-and though I'm already getting the "baby bug", I welcome the break to work on some health issues.  That's another post, but at this point, I am 6 weeks grain free!  I eat mostly fruits, veggies, meat and a few nuts.  I tried adding in cheese but I think dairy gives me stomach cramp.  Boo-hoo...  Yesterday in the check-out line at Publix I picked up a Woman's Today magazine because it had advertised an article on how to jump-start a sluggish thyroid.  I figured, what the heck, might as well read what it says.  According to the author of the article, fish oil is the secret.  So I ran over and grabbed some Publix greenwise fish oil and threw it on the belt.  No reason not to try!  And I'll tell you, I have felt better today than I have for weeks.  My mind is clearer, I have less dizziness and vertigo, and I feel less fatigued.  I have no idea if this is just a coincidence or what.  But I'm going to keep taking my two fish oils a day!  I'm hoping to meet with a naturopath that my friend Sharon told me about.  She is right here in Dacula and is a GAPS diet expert.  I'm afraid I will be doing GAPS afterall.  But it's okay.  I'm really committed.  I want energy and vitality to serve my husband and raise my children more than I want to eat the foods that please my taste.

Okay, back to Sam-Sam.  He started walked at about 12 1/2 months.  It took him around 10 days to get steady on his feet and now he is just strutting along like a cutie-bootie.  That's what we call him.  :)  The past few days he has been cutting like 3 or 4 teeth and has been extremely cranky and clingy.  But, the good news is, he goes to sleep now at around 7 and sleeps until 7 the next morning!  This is so wonderful!  I feel a little bit like I can breath again.  Not that I don't love the baby stage, but it is so consuming!  We are getting ready to take a trip to Okefenokee Swamp and Jekyll Island next week.  We'll only be gone three nights so it will be a whirlwind.  But I think it'll be fun.  And Samuel is at a bit easier age.  Well, maybe.  :)

Here he goes!  Here he goes.  Onward and upwards towards being a big boy.  
I love you Samuel Luke!

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