Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter this year...

This year I was determined to add some traditions to our Easter Celebration.  We started out the weekend with watching The Passion of the Christ with our oldest children.  I think it is definitely like a 12 and up movie.  I'm not sure this will be an every year tradition.  It is the first time I've seen it again after it came out several years ago at the theater.  I can't handle it very well!  But an occasional reminder I think is very good to see the extent to which Jesus suffered for us.  He is such an amazing and loving Savior.

Sunday we went to church and then came home for lunch and to dye eggs.  I read the children a parable about the Easter Egg.  The story said that the chick breaking out of it's shell reminds us of how Christ came out of the tomb.  Dying eggs was actually a first for us.  I think the reason why I've not done a lot of crafts is because I don't have girls.  Not that boys don't like to do crafty things.  Mine do.  But they don't really ask for crafts.  They aren't bent that way.  But they love it when I suggest it.  We dyed hand-blown eggs with natural dyes.  We used blueberry juice, dandelion greens and cumin.  It was really fun!  Even Steve participated!  :)

After that Steve and I stuffed plastic eggs with coins and then hid them in the backyard.  We also hid Resurrection Eggs. It was fun to watch the kids hunt for eggs!  After that Steve treated us to  dinner at Ted's Montana Grill.  It's definitely our favorite restaurant.  I love that it is so eco friendly.  I always get a buffalo burger, without the bun of course.  :)  Something about eating buffalo, it makes me feel like we are in the wild, wild west.  :) Ever since we went to Colorado and Yellowstone, I got the out West bug.  We may just move out there.  Steve has had the out West bug for a long time.  So who knows?  :)  Anyway, when we got home from Ted's, for our Bible story time, we had the kids read the Scripture verses that went along with the Resurrection eggs that they found, of course in the order the story goes.  :)

Last but not least, we are delighted to have a red-headed woodpecker making a nest in one of the fore-front trees in our backyard.  We get to watch it pecking away when we eat on our backyard.  My boys are turning into quite the little "birders".  So fun!  I LOVE Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I LOVE Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He gives us so many good gifts, but best of all, is HIMSELF!

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