Sunday, November 27, 2011

Around here lately...

Something is super wrong with blogger right now so I couldn't get my pictures in the order I wanted and I don't seem to be able to type in between them so I'll have to just tell you all what is going on and then you can then decipher the pictures! (I do realize it could be user error, I'm no computer genius and Steve is asleep on the couch!)

Let's see.... Samuel has started officially crawling. He learned to sit unassisted and crawl in the same week almost. He has been a bit delayed due to his prematurity but he has now taken off in leaps and bounds, or should I say crawls? He also likes to do the "plank" stance. You'll see what I mean as you scroll through the pictures. He's a strong little guy. He is almost 9 months and still wakes up at night. Usually once, but sometimes twice, and definitely when he is sick or is teething. Which he seems to be teething indefinitely. He is still a happy little guy during the day, and the night for that matter, just needs to eat a little more often when he is uncomfortable. I love him to pieces.

Benjamin has started talking almost non-stop. That's what happens when you pray for months that he would start talking. God answers prayer! He didn't really say any words until he was two but he is making up for lost words. He adores Samuel but his adoration comes out in strange ways, like standing on Samuel's feet, biting him, and laying on top of him when possible. I've got my work cut out for me. I've said that before haven't I?

I'm keeping Steve busy with building bookshelves for me. I have a book habit and I need shelves to put them on. I love being surrounded by books so he is building me four 8 foot tall bookcases for our living room. The t.v. will be moved into our smaller play room that will now be a sort of den with a couch and the t.v. We don't watch t.v. more than a couple times a week so why make it the center of our living space?

Steve builds the bookcases and I get to finish them. I think it takes me longer to finish them. Sand....condition....stain....sand....stain....sand....coat of poly....sand....coat of poly....Done! Took me about a week to finish the one. This week Steve is taking 3 vacation days to build me the next three. I'll be busy for about a month I suppose finishing those. But as you'll see in the picture below, they are amazing!

One of Benjamin's favorite pastimes is drawing. It appears he is left-handed.

The boys and I are learning about Native Americans as the starting place for an exhaustive study of American History we are beginning. I'm loving it. We took a trip to the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center and learned about the Georgia Indians, the Creeks and the Cherokee's (at least I think Cherokee's....).

I moved a couple of the old playroom bookcases into our study where my old desk is and filled them up with all of our chapter books. Our fiction chapter books took up all but three of the shelves. Then I have our Childhood of Famous American books which took up a whole shelf!, and then our geography books. I think my love of books has become a bit excessive. At least I buy them at the thrift store!

We realized that we needed a family calendar to keep up with the various things we do and so I moved things around in the kitchen and put up a tack board with a calendar. That organization has worked well. We started advent today and I decided to buy a decorative candle holder that holds 5 candles instead of doing a wreath in the center of our table. We just can't handle a wreath and candles on the table. We need that space for our mealtimes! This will work perfectly. You can see it in the picture of the shelves in the kitchen just underneath the tack board.

Isaac is enjoying his new school. I went last week to see the science project he and his classmates have been working on. Some sort of magnetic levitation. It was pretty cool!

Hopefully we will make a special trip out to a clock store this week to see what is wrong with my grandmother's old chiming clock. I inherited this clock, which is soooo special to me because everytime I hear it chime it takes me back to grandmother's house, and I've been needing to get it serviced for a long time. Today we've had it sitting out on the counter with the back open so we can watch what it does when it chimes. It still chimes, just not the correct number of chimes per hour.

Okay, so that is it. Sorry if this post is so unorganized! It's the best I can do right now. I have a cold, uggghhhh-again! So off to bed with me. Blessings to you and yours!

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