Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer trip part 4: Family Reunion

We had such a good time in July visiting with Steve's parents and his sisters and their families.  Every year his extended family stays together in a house on Lake Webster in Northern Indiana.  My boys look so forward to this time!  They have the sweetest cousins in the world!  We love them lots!  I had a hard time picking from the hundreds of pictures from our trip so there are quite a few!

Yes, this is a photograph of weeds.  They caught my eye because there were literally millions of  little white seeds floating in the air as we were driving (away from a goodwill stop on our way to Indiana).  They were like dandelions but bigger.  I thought they looked like sweet wisps of snow floating through the air.  Steve wasn't as nostalgic.  

(more weed flowers as Steve called from the van "LET'S GO!")  He was so tolerant of all my requests for just FIVE minutes to run in the thrift store, and just one minute to get out and photograph roadside treasures.  I married well.  I love that man.

Not the best photograph but had to include at least one picture of Samuel getting bathed in the sink while onlookers oohed and ahhed.  (spelling?)  That baby is SO precious to me.  He's precious.  Period.

Much to my boys dismay the following photographs were taken against their will.  Their grandpa has been wanting a picture of each of them for quite some time now.  I took them.  I've yet to deliver them.  I'll ask my dear husband to email them for me.  He helps me with most things technological.  Again, I'm spoiled by him.

I had to enlarge this photograph because of how STUNNING his eyes are.  I can almost see heaven in them, can't you?

This is Benjamin seeing a boat float by on the Lake.  He's such a handful joy.  Smile.

Oops.  The girls painted his toesies.  Try explaining this one to the pediatrician upon arriving home. 

He makes us laugh....  he makes us smile.

I was supriseed with a Happy birthday song and candles to blow out one evening.  My birthday always falls either during the family reunion or right after.  It was a challenge to blow out all the candles.  Wonder why?

Oh, the boys had so much fun tubing, skiing, and playing in the lake.

Micah was not allowed to be pulled very fast on the tube because of his recent head injury.  One time he fell from the tube and got dumped in the lake.  This was his victory dance.  He loved it.

Even Benjamin got to ride (very very slow) on the tube!

 This is the sweet woman who so very graciously drives around all our kids for a week each summer on her boat.  She's a blessing from God!

Samuel made a special buddy this year, his Uncle Dave.  Dave spent lots of time holding Samuel, he even stayed up late and spent about 30 minutes trying to get him to go to sleep!  It was SO cute.  They fell in love. It was precious....

Dave's sweet wife, who is Steve's oldest sister, Peggy, left encouraging notes and treats on our pillow's each evening.  She is one sweet lady!

One evening we played kickball and yes, I even joined in with Samuel in the carrier on my chest.  I was careful! 

I'll leave with this last picture of these two sweet brothers.  They are so much alike, it's crazy.  Isaac #1 and Isaac #2.  I've got my hands full.  That's all I've got to say. 

 But truly, they are full of blessings.

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