Friday, August 05, 2011

Summer trip part 2

(side note about my blog:  Maybe I've said this before, but my primary purpose for my blog is to record our family memories and eventually have it printed and compiled in a book (there are various companies that provide blog printing and book making).  I used to print pictures and put them in albums and scrapbook, but I just can't seem to find the time for this anymore.  I do a scrapbook for each baby up to a year old, but Samuel's isn't even started yet!)

Here is our trip to the Kentucky Horse Park.  Steve and I were exhausted from the day before, lots of driving and lots of stops.  Benjamin hadn't gone to bed until late at the hotel, so by the time we arrived at the horse park he was melting down.  Steve and I proceeded to melt down a bit ourselves, but after some recomposing and prayer, we managed to make it through the day, and even enjoy it, and the boys had a great time.  Not sure if we will ever, with 5 children including two babies, plan so many things in such a short time, but nevertheless it was a learning experience and we made some memories (some good, some bad :).

This show was really cool.  They brought out several different retired race-horses and played on the t.v. snippets of their races.  One of them had won like 13 races in a row.  I think that is the one your seeing right now.  Maybe his name was Cigar?  I can't quite remember.  

This was called the Parade of Breeds.  We got to see 6 different kinds of horses.  It was neat to see the variety and the difference in size.  The Arabian horse was so small-but beautiful!

 At the end of the day Andrew got to ride a pony and Steve and I took turns taking Micah and Isaac on trail rides.  On the trail ride you actually led your own horse and held the reigns yourself.  This was a first for Micah but he did so good!  He didn't even get to ride with me because I was put on a less experienced trail horse because I am an experienced rider, so Micah was way out in the front of the line.  But he did awesome.  At the end when we were walking away he said, "Mommy, I had the best time!  That was awesome!"  That made it all worth it!  I think he felt so good about it because he was scared but he did it anyway, he prayed (he told me this), and he got the hang of it and just felt good about conquering his fears.  

We watched the movie, Secretariat, a few months ago which got us all pumped to visit the horse park.  This is a memorial to Secretariat at the front of the park.

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