Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wednesday Yarn Along on Thursday! :)

So, I've joined my sister in a fun little cyber thingie, um, where you post every Wednesday what your reading aloud to the kids or reading yourself, and what your knitting/crocheting, or whatever handicraft you might be working on.  I was in Columbus all week (more on that later) so I'm posting what I'm reading and crafting now!

So, truth be told, the blanket is something I've been crocheting for, well, about 8 years or so?  I'm not quite sure but I know I started it when we lived in our old house, so that was at least 6 years ago, and I think I started within the first year or two of my marriage, so that would be at least 8 years ago!  At the time, I thought it would be great to make a KING size blanket, and I must have started it within the Christmas season (which for me is about October through December), since it is festive Christmas colors.  I must have pictured Steve and I, snuggling cozily underneath our handmade (by me!) Christmas blanket, warmed by the fire crackling in front of us.  We'd be gaily smiling at one another and basking in the joy of the Season.  

Reality Check-Blanket is SO long that it takes an eternity (or so it seems) to just complete a single row!  The blanket is truthfully about 7 feet wide and at this point, about 4 feet long.  I'm feeling crafty right now, something about the chill in the air, so I'm determined to get back to work on it. :)

The book-well, the book is from the first library book sale I ever went to-thanks to Daphne!  It is obviously a children's book.  I've been buying so many chapter books for the kids, and I like to at least skim them to make sure they are good literature, but I've found that some of them are intriguing and I just read them completely!  This is one of them.  It is about a little orphan girl from England who is adopted by a family in Nova Scotia.  It's quite sweet.  

Well, I'm off to put Benjamin down to nap.  Then I may post about our trip to Columbus!