Monday, November 01, 2010

Andrew's 5th Birthday and Beeswax leaf craft!

We have celebrated Andrew's fifth birthday in stages.  Saturday was bonfire with the Rosbury's which was so much fun!, Sunday was the official "celebration" since Monday we are heading out to Columbus, GA with Steve for the week, and of course, today, Monday, we celebrate the actual day of Andrew's birth!  I ordered some beeswax after being inspired by my sister to do a Fall leaf dipping craft.  You can make beautiful garland with the leaves and it makes a great Fall decoration!  So we did that on Saturday and I've posted pictures of that craft as well.

We had Andrew's birthday dinner, pancakes par his request, and then headed outside to collect leaves before it got too dark.  It seemed strange to me that most of the leaves on the trees were still green, yet there were thousands of leaves fallen to the ground that were a variety of Fall colors.

After collecting leaves we had cake and presents.  I have found that I prefer to buy the boys one of three things, wooden toys (this time a set of wooden trains and a wooden bridge for the boys train set), legos, or something educational or crafty.  Things like cars and plastic toys, what most toy stores are full of, just seem to get broken and then thrown away (or given away) within a year.  

Before starting our leaf craft and while the beeswax was melting in our 2 quart crock pot (this was 10.00 dollars at wal-mart and will only be used for melting beeswax!), which took about an hour to melt, I read to the boys a couple of chapters in this book.  It described how the bees wax "castle", or hive, is made, and also where the bees get the wax.  The wax is actually made in glands on the underside of the bees abdomen. The bee will use its legs to pull out the wax, put it in her mouth, and then chew it until it is the correct texture and then use it to build the cells of the hive.  Pretty neat, huh!   

I ordered the beeswax for about 12.00 dollars including shipping from Etsy. 

Andrew thought it stunk!

Micah was really good at stringing the leaves!  I just used a regular needle and thread and it was put through the top part of the stem which is a bit thicker.

I realized that I needed to leave the crockpot plugged in, or else you get leaves like this, with chunky beeswax on them.

For Andrew:

Dear Andrew, you are such a joy.  Daddy and I are so thankful for the past five years with you!  Every where we go people fall in love with you.  You want to say hi to everyone and you are just so sweet.  It is not uncommon for me to overhear you telling Micah, "I like you".  One of our neighbors came over last night dressed up as an angel for halloween and you told her, "you pretty".  Your favorite things to do are build legos with Micah, shoot the bow and arrow, play with the wooden train set, and go to the Rosbury's house!  You told me a few months ago that you wanted to become a Christian, and ask Jesus into your heart.  Daddy was working from home so he came out and we lead you in a prayer on the couch.  I've been reading to you from a little devotional called, Leading Little Ones to God, and I have really seen your interest in spiritual things grow this year.  My prayer for you every day is that God would give you a "heart that loves him, that fears Him, and that obeys his commands."  I love you little man!


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