Sunday, November 21, 2010

Burts Pumpkin Farm... 12 years and counting!

For twelve years in a row we have gone to Burts Pumpkin Farm.  It is a very special family tradition of ours!  Burts is a simple farm, not full of all the games, activities, corn mazes, etc., that so many other pumpkin farms offer.  But we like it.  It has TONS of pumpkins of all different shapes, sizes and colors.  And the hayride is beautiful and the children love it.  Simple is good.  

Well, this year, weekend after weekend went by and we didn't have the opportunity to go to Burts.  I thought we had until the end of November to go.  Much to my dismay, on November 12th I checked Burt's website.  It said they closed for the season NOVEMBER 10!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  I felt like I was going to cry.  Instead, I called Burts.  I just had to confirm this horrible closing date.  The answering machine picked up and said, "Due to the high demand for hay rides we will be open until November 15".  I was SO EXCITED!  Thank you Lord!  I knew this was a God had lead me to check the website at that time to find out our plans to go the following weekend, we would have been too late!  Yes, I do believe, even in the small, trivial things like this, God is in control, and he gives us these blessings.  I don't know why.  I just know that our trip to Burt's was a gift from God.  And to top it off, another farm I thought we had missed for the year, Hillcrest Orchards, an apple picking farm, we were told on the hay ride, was open that day and only 10 minutes from Burts!  Last year we went apple picking there and I was hoping to make that another family tradition, but time had gotten away from us (in reality I was delaying these trips until I was over the nausea of pregnancy).  So we got to go straight from Burts to Hillcrest and had a wonderful day together as a family. 

Benjamin was a little bit scared of the hay ride!  

A nice man offered to take a family picture of us.  This is the best we could do!

Isaac 12 years old.

 Benjamin, 17 months old.
Andrew, 5 years old!

Micah, 7 1/2 years old! 

Last year, we hired a young lady to take family pictures for us.  It was the first time for us to get our pictures taken professionally!  We got some great pictures.  One of the things I wanted was some special pictures of me and Benjamin as a baby, and I got many that I treasure.  Well, I thought maybe Steve could take some of me and Benjamin as a toddler.  Well, all Benjamin wanted to do was either get OUT of my lap!!!  OR, pinch my nose.  We have this game, my step-dad started it years ago with little Isaac, that when my nose gets pinched, I honk!  It's lovely! :)

Notice how sweet and docile this cat is???

I'm not sure it will ever be the same.  

Chasing Chickens...  Boys...  I don't think they can help it?

The sheep... my favorite!

They have this great big slide that Benjamin loved!  He is not afraid of anything!  The first time Steve held his hand all the way down.  After that he went all by himself!

Thank you Father for a great day!

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