Sunday, November 21, 2010

Benjamin/AKA Trouble says...

"Hey mom, what's up?"

"What?  You think I should get down?  I want to know what's in here."

"Ooohhh.... it's fish.  Can I get my hands in there?"

 "Don't get me down!  Don't get me down!  I didn't mean any harm!  Can't a boy explore his world?"


"Hey mom!  You caught me!"

"Why do you look so distressed?"

"Don't you know a boy has got to eat?"

"And I finally got the chance to feed myself!"

"Victory is sweet...  So sweet"


Davis Family said...

Awww....little boys are such a joy!!! Don't you just love them? I should post pictures on my blog of Joshua and Noah!!! That would be interesting...
Alex-for the fam

LaDonna and Diana said...

What precious children! Enjoy your time with them because they grow up so fast!