Monday, October 11, 2010

Sapelo Island....

We visited Sapelo Island, one of Georgia's barrier islands.  It has a fascinating history.  In the 1800's Thomas Spalding purchased the island and developed a plantation on it.  He brought over 400 West Africans, making them into slaves on the island.  Right before his death he went to a convention protesting the abolition of slavery.  When the slaves were freed, they established several settlements on the island.  There is one remaining on the island today called Hog Hammock.  We were able to visit the Hog Hammock community and we met an adorable little boy who lives on the island.  The children that do live on the island, I think there are 7 school age children, are ferried over in the morning and afternoon for school on the mainland.  What a life! :)

This is the Visitor Center where we went to pay for our tour.  It was only 10.00 for adults and 6.00 for children age 6 and up, and this price included the ferry!  What a deal!

The sea gulls followed our boat all the way to the island, feeding on the fish that were kicked up by the boat's wake.  It was pretty cool!

We got to mail ourselves a post card from the island!

We saw a lot of these fiddler crabs...

This is the Spalding mansion that has been renovated and added on to through the years.  You can actually rent this house if you have a group of 12 or more, for 150.00 dollars a night per person, and this includes three meals a day!  Not a bad price!  It would be neat to get to stay on the island and explore!  There is also a very small lodge on the island and I believe a place where you can camp, not sure on the prices at those places.

This lighthouse finally did me in.  When I got home I was sore in places I haven't been sore in a long long time.  This momma is OUT OF SHAPE! :)

Oh, the beach was SO BEAUTIFUL!

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