Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Tuesday...

I had on my agenda to bake 6 loaves of bread.  I need to start being wiser with our finances in the area of groceries and I have lots of wheat berries so I really need to start making our bread again.  I realized once again that making 6 loaves at a time is truly much harder than just making 2.  Somehow it seems about three times harder!  So I may find it wiser to just make 2 loaves a week.  It seemed my entire morning was taken up by bread making and I just can't fit this into our homeschool schedule!  I am glad to get those loaves in the freezer though and not have to think about bread making for at least a couple of weeks!

In the afternoon, after a much needed rest time, we went outside.  It was so pretty out today.  It definitely lifted my spirits just to spend some time out of doors.  

I was inspired by my friend Daphne to identify with the boys, the trees around our house.  We were able to identify a Pin Cherry Tree, an American Beech Tree, a Yellow Poplar, a Sassafras Tree, a Pond Pine (which was difficult to identify because all the foliage was way way up high, we ended up deciding mainly based on the bark) and an Oak, that I cannot remember the exact name and I don't feel up to getting up to go look!

Schooling was hard today with all the breadmaking in the morning as well as assembling chili this morning and getting that in the crockpot.  But throughout the day at various times I managed to read the boys their Bible story, read to them from their History book on the Middle Ages, a story from Outdoor Secrets about trees (which this is a delightful little book that I would highly recommend), and the first "hour" from The Wonder Clock, by Howard Pyle.  This is a collection of stories based in the Middle Ages and is sort of "King Arthurish" in style.  Micah also did his math and handwriting assignment, I did speech with Andrew which is the most important thing I accomplish with him school wise each day, and of course we did the short tree study outside.  I suppose that will have to do for today and I'll hope to accomplish more tomorrow!

(We all put on our imaginary "dream-caps" before I started the story!  Fun, very fun :)

Benjamin is coming right along in non-verbal communication.  Now when he wants to go outside he brings me his little shoes!  Which is becoming quite often...  He loves to go outside!  This is good as it encourages me to get out!  He also screams a shrill, loud scream when he wants something.  Tonight I finally got him to say please by rubbing his belly in a circle motion, which is I think the sign for please.  So he started doing it again and again and I couldn't figure out what he wanted!  He finally learned to say please and then I couldn't even give him what he was asking so nicely for!  He sure is a cutie pie.

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momto9 said...

bread baking is fun but not when you do it cause you have to:):)
Loved your "tree" walk:)