Monday, October 18, 2010

Made it to week 14! And Benjamin...16 months

I made it to the big milestone week---nausea should be behind me and I'm hoping to get some energy back soon!  I went to the midwife today and heard the little heart beat, 150 bpm!  All my boys were around the 130's so, I'm wondering, could it be a girl?  I guess it could be!  I'd love a little boy again so I'm happy either way!  Steve would love a daughter so I'd love for him to have one!   We will find out in about 4 1/2 weeks....  I can't believe so soon...  This pregnancy is going by so quickly.

I listened to a Teri Maxwell talk on the way to the midwife office about scheduling your days.  She schedules her day's down to every 1/2 hour.  I just don't know if I could do that!  But maybe a modified schedule would work for me and make better use of my days.  I know my eldest would thrive on a more regimented schedule so I may be giving it a try.  I've done it before and I think I even posted my schedule.  I may have to go back and look for that and save myself a little bit of time.

 Little Benjamin is 16 months now and is quite the handful.  He is in to everything!  He is really smart too.  I actually found him putting together a wooden puzzle, the kind that have the magnets on the pieces and you can use a rod to pick up the pieces and put them in.  He obviously wasn't using the rod, but he was putting the pieces in with his hands.  I couldn't believe it!  He also has learned how to unlock the dishwasher and open it, and is constantly opening the drawers and cabinets, despite the fact that they have child proof locks on them.  He still reaches his little arm into that small 2 1/2 inch space and pulls things out.  On a positive note, he is quite a joy.  He laughs a lot, gives kisses, likes to give me zerberts.  He will blow on my tummy or my arm, or really wherever he can find a place, it's so cute.

He doesn't need as much sleep as my others boys have, so lately I've been trying to get him tired out so he'll go to sleep easier.  I rock him to sleep and if he isn't good and tired it takes as long as 20 to 30 minutes!  I love it though.  When it is light out I can sit and watch his little face as he drifts off to sleep.  One time he smiled just as he was falling asleep, reached up and tickled me under the chin and then giggled.  He did this while he was half-asleep with half-closed eyes.  It was so cute.  These moments with him I know are fleeting.  Sure I could make him cry himself to sleep for a few days and then it would be done.  I could put him to bed in a matter of minutes and save myself some time.  But then, I wouldn't be making these precious memories with him.  When it is just him and me, snuggling, and cuddling.  The rest of the day he is on the go and I have other things taking my attention, so rocking him to sleep is I guess, our special time.  He won't be little like this for long and 10 years from now I won't regret those extra minutes spent cuddling my little guy.  :)

So I took the kids on a bike ride on Saturday and to a trail.  The trail part was mainly to get Benjamin to get some of his energy out.  Only problem was all he wanted to do was squat in the dirt and play with it!  I wore myself out carrying him on the trail!  It was still fun though for everyone!

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momto9 said...

Schedules do NOT work for me!:) I think I get too bored with it aS well as there are so many unexpected little thigns throughout the day (how can you schedule when the baby will decide to be cranky for like a hour?).