Saturday, October 16, 2010

In praise of....

 My husband!

I am so blessed.  God knew just what I needed when he gave me Steve.  Often times I feel as if I don't deserve him, and truly I don't.  But that is in God's nature.  He gives us what we don't deserve!

Steve is an amazing help around the house, from household chores to caring for our kids.  He takes care of almost all the laundry (!!!!!), he helps organize drawers and closets, he just recently switched out the boys clothing from summer clothes to winter clothes, he cleans the upstairs bathrooms on housecleaning day...  Really the only thing he doesn't do is sweep, vacuum or mop.  Anything else he is ready to do.  I'm not sure what I would do without him!  I'm so used to all his help...  we're a team!  I know this is an incredible gift.

He has always been very hands on with the kids.  When Steve and I got married I already had a child, Isaac. Steve wanted so much to be Isaac's daddy and he took on that role with gusto.  He began the adoption process right after we got married.  Even through all the challenges, both personally and with Isaac, Steve has showed incredible perseverance and commitment.  He is one of the most faithful men I know!  With each additional baby, I've seen his love for children grow.  He has gone from "maybe one more child" to "as many as God will give us"!!!  When each new baby is born he is right there and eager to hold and nurture him.  He is amazing at nurturing and most times the kids come to him when they have a bad dream or they fall down.

Yet even with this tenderness he has an amazing strength of character and is very committed to growing up our children in God's ways, being very careful to discipline them consistently.  I'm particularly thankful for this quality in Steve because I came into the marriage very weak in this area.  I am extremely selfish and struggle to be consistent in discipline.  Steve has definitely help me grow in this.

Most importantly I think is how Steve leads us spiritually.  He reads to us out of the story Bible every day and prays with us.  He prays with me multiple times every day, when he leaves, or when I leave, and when we go to bed at night.  It amazes me how I'm constantly hearing sermons coming from his office when he is in there working or doing household stuff.  He is always desiring to grow and know the Lord better.  He wants so much to lead us well...  I'd like to encourage him that he is!

I am a very difficult person in many ways.  I have an insatiable hunger and have to eat about every 1 to 2 hours.  To add to this problem, I also have digestive issues, and now have to eat gluten free.  This greatly reduces the ease of just grabbing something quick.  I used to eat a lot of fresh ground wheat muffins, breads, pancakes, etc.  Now, I am constantly looking from pantry to fridge for something to eat.  (Of course, first trimester nausea doesn't help the situation!)  To make matters worse, when I'm hungry (which is obviously quite often), I'm very irritable.  Poor Steve :(  He deals with this so graciously though!  I can only imagine what I would be like if on and off throughout every day Steve was snappy and short with me because he was hungry!

Another thing about me is I, for the most part, hate having the T.V. on.  Especially during the day.  And I only like for it to be on a few nights a week, preferably something that Steve and I both like to watch.  Steve on the other hand, loves watching T.V.  This is his way to relax.  Well, bless his heart, he has so tenderly given this up for the most part, for me.  He will watch T.V. in his office sometimes when he is working on stuff, or when I'm gone, or somewhere else in the house preoccupied.  He is very sensitive to my desires in this area.  I'm so thankful for him!  I also don't like a lot of music on, especially in the van.  I think maybe the noisiness of my life with the boys, just makes me want quiet whenever possible.  (I think I have sensory issues)  Steve on the other hand drives around with music or a sermon on all the time.  His instinct would be to turn on the radio when we get in the van together, but I know he doesn't most of the time, for me.

Well, I could go on and on, but I wanted to give praise where praise is due, and thank my wonderful husband for how he cares for me and serves me, and our family.  He is awesome!

(Did I mention he takes care of all the finance and household issues???  He pays all the bills, always on time...  He is incredibly diligent with his work, continually growing and being promoted?  Oh, and he is also quite handy to have around, able to paint, repair, spackle, he even finished part of our basement!  I think I'm going to keep him.... :) :) :)


SteveW said...

I'm glad you want to keep me - cause I want to stick around. Thank you!! Love you!!!

love2bmom said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you sor sharing. You are BLESSED!

Love to all of the Walsmans today from Colorado. :)

Marianna said...

Great post! What a great thing to praise your husband! We don't do that enough as wives, so thanks for spurring me on to do it too! God has been molding Steve from the time I met him in high school, and I am glad you love and cherish him... :). God knew just what both of you needed, didn't He? Praise Him for that!

Anonymous said...

So thankful he is a keeper! :)

momto9 said...

Sounds like you have it made:):):)