Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Isaac turned 12!

Isaac turned 12 on September 1!  It's hard to believe he is almost entering into his teen years!  We talk often to him though of becoming a man, not a teenager.  Years ago the concept of adolescence was unheard of and we will not tolerate any notion of, "Well, I'm a teenager, teenager's are supposed to be moody and disrespectful".  

Here are some examples that inspire me:

Jesus, our ultimate example to follow.  By age 12 he stated to his parents after having stayed behind in the temple that he must be "about his Father's business".  

Peter the Great:  He became emperor of Russia at the age of 9.  He was put out of office by his sister Sophia.  In less than optimal circumstances he persevered.  He had a hunger for knowledge and educated himself.  By the age of 15 he had taught himself to be a soldier.  By 17 he took over the country and become the greatest monarch that ever lived, ruling with justice and establishing fair and just policies.

George Washington:  As a child he was educated by his parents and his own desire for knowledge.  At an early age his parents had him memorizing scripture such as the Ten Commandments.  By age 15 he was a successful surveyor and by the age of 21 he was commander and chief of the Virginia Militia.  

Fisher Ames:  Born in 1789, he was one of the most influential men of his era.  He entered Harvard University at the age of 12.

Samuel Morris:  Inventor of the telegraph entered Yale University at age 15.

William Carey:  By the age of 18 this famous missionary was able to read the Bible in 6 different languages.

I'm reading a biography of Abigail Adams right now and I was quite convicted by the following:

In a letter written to Abigail from John:

"For God's Sake make your Children, hardy, active, and industrious, for Strength, Activity and Industry will be their only Resource and Dependence," he said in another letter.  And they must be taught "not only to do virtuously but to excell."  

I so desire to take up the challenge to raise my boys to be hardy, active and industrious.  Hardy, meaning tough and resilient, able to overcome challenges and move forward.  Active, not meaning just physical activity because that sure isn't hard with boys, but active in a productive sense, making the most of their time.  Making sure that everything they do is for the glory of God.  And of course that activity flows right into be industrious.  One of my convictions is for the boys not to lead a life of pure pleasure, leisure and entertainment but to make themselves useful and productive members of our household and eventually of society at large.  

I struggle with this so much because I don't tend to do everything I do with a sense of excellence.  I pray that God grows me because I can't expect more out of my children then I do out of myself!

Okay back to pictures...

The Rosbury's came and celebrated with us!  Daphne even brought Isaac's requested dessert, a 7 layer trifle! It looked delicious!  Thank you again Daphne!  

Happy Birthday Isaac!  We love you!

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